“A friend is…

“A friend is one who knows you
and loves you just the same.”
Elbert Hubbard

Friendship: It can be a funny thing sometimes. The word ‘friend’ actually means to have a strong feeling for someone. A friend is someone who knows you. A friend is someone who wants to be close to you no matter what mistakes you’ve made in the past. A true friend will be there for you no matter what. They will help you through the rough times and be there to celebrate the happiness in your life with you.

God wants to have a friendship with us. He already loves us beyond anything anyone could possibly imagine. He gave His life just so we could go to heaven to live in eternal bliss with Him. All we have to do is ask God to forgive us of our sins and live for Him. He already loves us, already knows all about us. All we have to do is want the same kind of friendship with Him.

Friends grow close by getting to know each other. Listening to each other’s stories about life. Experience the joys and pains of life together. That is exactly what God wants. He wants to experience the joys and pains of our lives with us. He doesn’t just want to sit by and watch. He wants to actually BE with us. He wants for us to TELL him our thoughts, our feelings, our hurts, our joys.

That is what a friendship with Christ is. Getting to know about Him through the Holy Spirit, reading His Word and praying. He wants to tell us about Him and His love for us as much as He wants us to tell Him about ourselves.

Now, you might be thinking “If He knows everything about us, then why should I have to tell Him if He already knows?” To answer that I will ask you this: Have you ever known something about your friend even though they hadn’t told you? You still may have known but you still wanted them to tell you, correct? Well, God is the same way. He already knows, but He still wants to hear it from us. He still wants us to tell him.

Tell me about your experiences with friends, I would like to hear about it. Your thoughts, feelings and even questions.

I’d love to hear from you!




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