Ever Feel Rejected?

Ever feel rejected? Like, maybe your friend is avoiding you? Or maybe that guy you like is spreading rumors about you? Well, I know what all that feels like, but I have good news for you! There is one person who will never reject you: Jesus Christ. He says “I will never leave you, nor forsake you.” He won’t turn away because we have made a mistake.

People turn like bees to honey. Look what they did to Jesus. They said they loved him and then those very people killed him. There is not a single person who won’t at some point let us down in some way. True, you may come out still friends, but there are other times when maybe you are too hurt to let them hold your heart again. I get that.

But rest in this: The Creator of the world, the Savior for all mankind, will never let you down. He will never make a mistake. Nor will He hurt you. He is a perfect, kind, and loving God.

Let God transform you from the inside out; revealing your Innermost Unfading Beauty!

Love you all!


~ Kris



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