The Power of Beauty

Just recently I read a book that has really impacted my life. It’s called “Secret Keeper: The Delicate Power Of Modesty” By Dannah Gresh. If you haven’t ever read it, I highly recommend you do. Ladies, this book will change your life.

As of late, God is really impressing on my heart the issue of how women-young and older-dress. When you dress one way, it tells guys something. What are you telling the guys who see how your dressed? Are you saying “God-Girl” or is your clothing screaming “SEXY” or “Look at me!”?

God wants for your clothing to say “God-Girl”. What you wear inspires not only guys to think wrongfully, it’ll cause young girls to want to dress that way too. They’ll think “If she’s a Christian and dresses that way, then it must be ok.”

The media is really driving the “sexy” image. There isn’t anything beautiful about displaying the secret parts God gave you. In the book mentioned above, Dannah repeatedly says “God’s intended purpose for you as a carefully crafted masterpiece is to “intoxicate” one man (italics added) with the fullest extent of your beauty.” God didn’t mean nor want for you to flaunt your body around for the whole world to see. He wants you to cover it up and wait for the man you’ll marry on your wedding night.

Even in today’s churches I see people who don’t dress modestly. What kind of signal is this sending out to the rest of the world? Now, I understand that we shouldn’t care what people think or say about us, however, in this case we aren’t just dressing modestly because the Bible says to. We dress modestly as a statement of our faith, as a witness to others about Christ. One of my favorite quotes is this “Preach the gospel, if necessary use words.” What this is saying is: live your life displaying Christ and who he is and his love in everything you do, if necessary-and when God presents the opportunity- tell the people about Christ and what he did for us.

So, dressing modestly sends out an incredible message of who we are, and where we stand. It is an incredible statement of faith, and a powerful witness to those around us.

Another good quote is when Peter Parker’s (Spider Man’s) Uncle Ben told him “With Great Power comes Great Responsibility” God gave us girls a beauty beyond anything that has the power to make a man fall or build a man up-depending on how we use it. Today, let’s make the choice to use the power of the Unfading Beauty God gave us Responsibly! Dress Modestly!

Letting God Transform you from the inside out Revealing your Innermost Unfading Beauty!

Love, Prayers, and Blessings,



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