A Tea Party with God

Last night I had a tea party with God. I had the fancy tea pot, matching cup and saucer, and I even dressed up in a nice dress. You may be asking “WHAT?!?” or think “Well, that’s a little juvenile”. Well It’s just like praying. I talk to God, tell him what I’m thinking, ask what he thinks and ask his will. I talk, I listen.

There is this immense, overflowing joy that you receive when you talk to God. When you spend time getting to know him. I like to say I’m “high” on Christ. Because that’s how it feels. Like you’re flying so high and nothing can bring you down.

God Loves to hear from you. He wants you to tell him your feelings, your hurts, your joys, your thoughts. You may think “well, he already knows all that stuff” but he loves to hear it right from us. It’s just like If we do something and our parents know but they don’t say anything. They want for us to tell them what we did. God is the same way, even though he knows he still wants for us to tell him ourselves. Not only does he help your hurts lessen, he also will give you joy and peace in replace. I know for certain that he does. There are so many times I’ve dragged pain and hurts around with me, but when I finally give it up to God and let him handle it, I feel peace.

God loves to talk with you. So maybe you won’t have a tea party with him, but maybe you can go practice your swing for baseball and talk to him. Tell him your life. God isn’t against fun, he’s the one who created it. And Even though getting down on your knees to pray is a good thing, I don’t think he’ll object to your talking to him in another way. Just remember to listen. He may tell you something HUGE! Something that will change your life forever. I know he has mine. He’s always there, all you need to do is whisper to him or talk to him. He’s there listening, all the time, no matter where you are or what your doing. And sometimes, I think it’s good to just sit back, have a cup of tea (or whatever you chose to do) and talk to God. Talking to God is just like your talking to your best friend. God is your best friend. He’s always willing to listen, always wanting to help you.

Ladies, Lets move mountains with out prayer! Let’s show the world who our God is and how amazing, wonderful, loving and awesome he is! Let’s change the world!!!

Through prayer and seeking, Let God transform you from the inside out, revealing your Innermost Unfading Beauty!

Love Prayers and Blessings,



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