In The Midst of The Storm

Hey everyone. I’m back. I know, that wasn’t a very long leave of absence. LOL

I’ve done a lot of thinking the past few days and have realized while I am still the same person in some ways-I am not the same in a lot of areas of my life. I have changed. Pain does that to a person I think. I have learned-once again-that I need God more than anything. More than a best friend more than food, more than anything.

I am learning to trust again. Trust people, trust myself and in many ways trust God. I will be honest-so many things happened within a few days of each other, that I started to question God. I will tell you this. You may not understand everything you’re going through. You may not have a clue why it is happening to you, but don’t lose faith in Christ. Trust him.

I don’t know why everything that has happed is happening. But I am trusting that God will bring good out of it. This is the only thing I can offer you right now. I pray that you will trust God with your all and not lose focus of him in the midst of the storm. Hold tightly to him and he will bring you out of the raging seas.

Please pray for me, too. I could use all the prayer I can get right now.



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