The Blood of Jesus

The blood Of Jesus! What a wonderful gift bestowed upon us! Because of the blood Jesus spilled for us we can be set free! Set free from sin, shame and hurt! Set free from physical, emotional and mental sickness! Oh how great is this gift! How great is this love he has for us! How great is his love, his faithfulness, his mercy! This gift, this self-sacrifice, the pain that he endured for us-it shows his love. It shows the depth of his affection for us-and how deep it must be!

I am so glad that I have received this gift of love and salvation! And you can too! All you have to do is ask. Ask Christ for his forgiveness. Ask him to help you, to lead your life and that you want him to be lord of your life.

When you ask him into your life he will do amazing things! I know! He healed my shoulder and my wrist in the same weekend! He answered a long prayed prayer through prophesy! He will do amazing things in your life!

It’s true! Just believe, trust and take a step of faith! You won’t be sorry that you did!!!!!!!!!!



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