Gloriously Special and Pure

I was reading a book yesterday and there was one part that especially stuck out to me. The main character, a Christian girl named Christy, had just broken up with her boyfriend and was being harassed at school. The girl said something along the lines of “Well, if you wait till your sixteen to lose your virginity, at least it was with Rick Doyle.” Which to Christy replied “I’m still a virgin!” You may recognize this from the book A Heart full Of Hope by Robin Jones Gunn.

As I read this I realized something. People treat the word virgin as if it’s almost a swear word. People don’t know how to react when they hear that someone’s a virgin. They don’t know whether to mock, scorn, laugh at or rejoice with the person over their still being a virgin.

I think that even Christian teenagers have come to not know how to react. We know what the Bible says about sex before marriage and we strive to stay sexually pure, but then when the topic comes up we don’t know what to say-especially if it’s about how someone isn’t a virgin anymore. I think we have become scared of being seen as crazy and weird or that we’ll be the one getting made fun of.

It’s especially a hard topic for girls I think. Because if you are a virgin your off your rocker, but at the same time if you aren’t then your something else. (I chose not to say the word) Girls don’t want to be seen as weird or as the outsider. We just want to fit in.

The world has twisted being a virgin into something that makes it sound as if you have some kind of contagious disease.

Girls-and guys too for that matter-need to be taught about the holiness of being a virgin. We as Christian teenagers need to take a stand and be proud of our virginity. Because, the fact is we poses something that can never be given back once it’s gone. We  need to show the world that being a virgin is glorious, amazing and so, so special and pure!

In the book Christy is found to be praying this which I think is very true and very relevant for us today. “…I keep coming to the same conclusion. I need to fall in love with you. I need to be content with you as my first love. I’m not ready for a steady relationship with any guy until I’m first secure in my love for you.” This is so true. Now, I’m not telling you whether you should or shouldn’t date as a teenager but here are my thoughts just from reading this quote. We are still maturing and growing. We don’t really know what we want or in all honesty what we like in a guy as a teenager. We may think we do, but look back-do you like the same thing now that you did five or so years ago? Some things you may, but for the most part you don’t. In the same way in five years from now we will like different things than we do now.

I think we as Christian teenagers should get lost in God first before we start any major relationship. There’s a quote that you may have heard. Ladies, it is this: “A girl should be so lost in God that the guy has to seek God first to get to the girl.” Lets make this statement become living and breathing in our lives. Let a revolution of Girls For God run through the world and show that our first and foremost relationship is with Christ and that the only way a guy is going to get to us is by going to God first.

1 Corinthians 7:34 says this “… An unmarried woman or virgin is concerned about the Lord’s affairs: Her aim is to be devoted to the Lord in both body and spirit…”

Let us become knows as God’s Girls and God’s Guy’s and show the world that he is First and above everything else in our lives.






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