Songs of Old

I’m siting here and looking through an old hymn book we have and as I’m looking through it, I’m wondering why some of these songs aren’t really sung in the church anymore. Is it because they aren’t “modern” enough? I can remember sitting as a little girl in our upstairs and singing these songs-Acappella-for hours with tears rolling down my face because the presence of the Holy Spirit was so thick in the room. I didn’t know what the Holy Spirit was at that age, but I knew that I wasn’t crying just to cry. I honestly miss singing some of these songs in church. They may be simple in melody but lyrically they hold so much truth. I miss the simplicity of just a piano and a church full of souls singing praises to the King! I think there is something special about it. There aren’t any drums to get you going, or any electric guitars to rock out to, just a simple piano and the voices of souls singing out the old, simple-yet truthful-songs of praise to the King! I think sometimes we get lost in the glamour of the all instruments. That sometimes it just becomes entertainment rather than worship. Now, don’t get me wrong, I like the up-beat modern worship too, but there’s something special and holy about singing the old hymns with just a piano. They are the foundation of worship music-the capstone if you will. And truth be told, in some ways I like to old hymns better than I do the modern.




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