A Generation that Needs to Change

There is am epidemic that is sweeping over the young women of North America. It is called self-consciousness. Girls now-a-days are so self-conscious. and it’s not because it’s naturally who they are. THAT, my friend, is a bunch of garbage.

Girls are self-conscious because the media, the people they are supposed to LOOK UP to, the movies and shows they watch that are “family friendly” are telling them that with out the latest greatest mascara, without THAT hair style, THOSE clothes and THIS personality, they aren’t pretty or good enough. This, dear reader, is a lie straight from the pit of hell.

I am sick and tired of hearing girls that are absolutely gorgeous say how “ugly” and “fat” and “stupid” and “useless” they are. ?No one is Ugly. We were all made in the image of God, and if you are calling yourself ugly, then you are calling God Ugly…Not cool. We are exactly how God made us. Now, this isn’t an excuse to live an unhealthy, inactive lifestyle, but we also have to accept how we look.

It doesn’t help that the young men of this generation think that calling a girl “a slut” or “ugly” is okay. In fact, these young men need to be sat down and talked to. They need to see what a real man is. That a real man is one whom respects a woman’s body. One who is kind and gentle. That a real man is a man who puts a woman’s needs and wishes over his own.

We need to start speaking LIFE into this generation. I-as a teenager in todays world-know how hard it is. We are told that we are never good enough, and THAT is not acceptable. No, we may not be perfect, but we are not useless. We are not ugly. Nor are we stupid.

We-as women-deserve to be treated with dignity. I am sick and tired of guys treating girls like all they are good for is cooking, cleaning and sex. THIS needs to stop NOW!!!

Yes, I am angry. This has gone on long enough. THIS is the end.

Thanks for reading my post today.
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