The Cross


So, there has been something I have noticed A LOT at school in recent weeks. There are many people who are wearing apparel that have crosses on them. I wonder, when you wear a cross, what does it mean to you?

A few years ago, during Christmas, Our Pastor’s wife spoke briefly at church about the Cross. She said something that has still stuck with me. She said, “The cross is the harshest weapon in the world, and our savior came and died on it. The cross in itself is not a glorious thing. What Christ did on the cross-dying or our sins, that was glorious-but the cross itself is not. It is an instrument of death.”

So, let me ask you, when you decide to wear that scarf or shirt or headband with a cross/crosses on it, what does that represent to you? Honestly, I think everyone, even us Christians, need to start asking ourselves this when we don something with a cross on it. Because I think, all too often, we forget what the cross truly represents. We wear is because we’re Christians and we’re “supposed to”

The cross represents the Shedding of Christ’s blood and his sacrificial death, so that we wouldn’t have to pay ourselves. It represents the ultimate atonement for the sins of the world. THIS is what the cross truly means.

Maybe next time, before you decide to wear that scarf/headband/shirt, think and ask yourself “Why am I wearing this? What does this mean to me? What does the cross REALLY mean or represent in the first place?”

Merry Christmas!




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