A Heavenly Courtship


Today I was sitting in the car waiting for my brother come out of the store. I was listening to some music and thought to myself “This would make a very nice date night…Too bad I’m single…”

Then I heard God say to me “Why can’t tonight be date night for you? I would LOVE to date and court you! I would LOVE to spend the evening with you, wooing you, loving you, becoming closer to you and you me.”

Then it hit me! Is that not what my soul longs for? My soul longs to love and be loved. I long to spend time with someone who is captivated by me, and who else better feels that way than the God of the universe?

It was an eye opener. God wants to COURT me. He wants more than anything to spend time with me and be with me. And I realized that my soul longs for that too. I don’t need a guy to have date-night. I have God…And who better to date than God himself? The one who will NEVER fail me, NEVER leave me, NEVER turn his back on me when I turn on him. He loves me unconditionally, and that is what I want most. Unconditional love. TRUE love. My soul longs for a love that can fill me to overflowing, give me joy in the midst of darkness and make me smile and laugh in the middle of tears.

So, with this revelation, I am going to start Dating God! Maybe He’ll let another man come into my life and court and marry me here on earth one day. But this courtship with Christ is going to be an eternal courtship, one that never ends. I am so excited not just to “spend time” with God, but to truly “Court” Him-and him me.Getting to know him and becoming eternally closer to him! He’s my eternal love, my forever friend, my Prince and My King! This journey, is going to be an awesome ride! I can feel it! We are going to go far together, Me and God. Him and I.



4 thoughts on “A Heavenly Courtship

  1. Zoe says:

    Hey does your D2BD acount still work??? Mine will not if yours still works could you shoot IMFARMER a message telling her my acount will not work and tell her to text me



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