A Hallway Of Doors


I see life as being a long hallway of doors and windows. Sometimes there are two doors you have to walk through to get to a destination. Sometimes God opens one door and yet not the other. It’s times like this we ask “Why?” I am deciding not to ask why. I have decided to thank God for the lessons he has taught me in opening the one door. I have learned deeper obedience and as a result my relationship to him has deepened and grown.

A couple years ago I had a vision of a tree surrounded by a white fence. I was talking with one of my dear Christian friends from Montana and she told me “I feel like this represents you growing beyond the boundaries the world has set for you”. I have never forgotten this.

So often I have asked “why?” and feeling sorry for myself rather than ask “What are you trying to teach me?” and be joyful that God is stretching me and helping me grow in him in trust, faith in the unseen and also giving me courage to go and be and do more than I ever would or could on my own.

Just knowing I have followed his will gives me peace. He has taught me so much in the last few months, and now, I shall look at what else he might have for me beyond the next door and trust that it will be equally as good as the lessons he has been teaching me and that our relationship will continue to grow sweeter with each passing moment!


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