New Season, New Name

This year I’ve heard a lot about people asking God for a word that he wants them to work on or something that will describe the season they are in and I thought to myself “hey, that seems like a pretty cool Idea!” So, I’ve been praying for a word for this year/season I am entering, and after much prayer, I have been given a word: Trust

God has really been impressing on my heart that this is a season he really wants me to learn to FULLY and COMPLETELY trust him in ALL areas on my life.

I was driving into an appointment the other day, and was praying “Lord, what do you want from me, because I really don’t even know what to do anymore. I just don’t know where I fit or belong or anything, and I am getting really frustrated here.” and in the quiet after my long winded, tear filled petition, I heard “Trust me in the unknown.”

Now, Every time I turn around the word *Trust* keeps popping up.

I truly believe that Christ is teaching me how to be a Biblical woman. A Woman after God’s own heart. Someone who knows how to rust on him completely before getting into a relationship, so that I know that trusting and depending upon God first and foremost for the things that only he can supply is what will make me as a friend, hopefully one day a wife and possibly even a mom who I need to be to fulfill all those rolls.

 I found the following Bible challenge on Pintrest and am so excited to do it!

april bible challenge

If any of you are interested in doing it along with me, let me know and maybe we can set up an exclusive Facebook page to discuss it!!

Hope everything is going well for all y’all!!!




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