Belated Third Blogiversary


Three years….WOW…Well, technically, it’s three years and two weeks, but hey! what’s the difference?!?

I’ve been trying to think of what to write about to commemorate the occasion, and it took me an extra two weeks to finally figure it out!

Three years (and two weeks ago) I started out on a journey that both scared and exhilarated me. I had been writing for some time already, but I had never put it out for the world! You see, my writing has always been a very personal thing. I let my soul “bleed”, for lack of better wording, onto the paper. My writing is so very personal.

I had thought about blogging before, but the thought of writing my views and thoughts for the world to read-and possibly even critique- scared the living daylights out of me.

Until one day, a friend told me that “the world should read your writing” and convinced me to start a blog. So, he set it up for me, and three years later, I’m still here writing my little heart out!

So much has happened in three years! I’m not that completely shy, naive girl anymore. I’ve grown in my writing, personally and spiritually and I just want to thank everyone for all your support!




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