Summer Internship: The Beginning


I’m here sitting in the internship cabin and I can’t believe it’s the end of day 2 of my summer internship! All I can say is, Wow! Already I am being so blessed and uplifted and loved on.

I am so excited about all that’s to come! Yes, the work I am doing requires me to be on my feet all day and it’s tiring, but I love what I am doing! I love being able to fill people’s hungry stomachs.

People have asked me “why cooking?” And here’s my answer: Everyone needs to eat. I’ve found people are most happy with a full stomach. There’s a satisfaction that people have after they’ve eaten; a thankfulness that wasn’t there before. Not only that, but people are more open after and it’s such a great way to tell people about Jesus. There’s a reason Jesus used food to illustrate who and what he is. “I am the BREAD of life,” (John 6:35). We need for top live and we need Jesus to have eternal life, so my thought is ‘Why not give food to people so that they may hear of the ultimate bread they need-Jesus Christ-to truly live?’

So, here I am doing just that! I may be tired, but I’m happy and feeling the most fulfilled I’ve felt in a long time!


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