Summer Internship: Part 2


Good morning lovelies! So, I realize that I said I’d post ever week on Friday, and I’ve missed a couple weeks, but I’ve been rather busy, so I hope you’ll forgive me!

Last week I had a chest cold thing, so I wasn’t too keen on writing.

I’ve been keeping busy in the kitchen and loving it!

I guess the main thing I’ve been learning this post couple of week s is that I need to take time away from everything and recharge and take care of myself.

Because of my allergies, I’ve having a hard time figuring out where I’m gonna stay and allergy issues in the kitchen make me feel like such a burden on people. Those of you with severe allergies and asthma may identify with that feeling. Despite the fact that I know that I can’t control my allergies, I feel like people get a little tired of having to “cater” to my issues. Anywho, God’s been teaching me something about not being so hard on myself or hating the way he made me. It’s hard living with allergies, but I know there’s a reason for everything.

The weather has been a mix of sun and rain the last couple of weeks-I prefer the sun, so this much rain is getting tiresome.

That’s basically where I am right now in this trip. I’m excited for the sun and Family Camp and getting to go to the lake and all that fun stuff!!

Hope you all are having a fantastic summer!!


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