September Affairs

september affairs

Well, here we are!!!! SEPTEMBER!

The season of changing leaves, vibrant colors, cinnamon and pumpkin spiced EVERYTHING!!

With September brings busyness! Church events start popping up and with that brings writing/developing our new church newsletter, women’s ministry projects and helping more with children’s church! 

I’ve always loved September! Everything changes, kids are in school and talking with them about their new classes is always fun! Their faces just glow with excitement about all the new things they are learning!  

As I wrote in the last post, things are changing for Unfading Beauty Ministries, and it is so exciting! I just wish that I could tell you about it all!! Unfortunately, you’ll just have to wait a little bit longer!

Oh, By-The-Way, today is the first day of our 14-Day Back-to-School Devotional study we’re hosting on Facebook! If you’re interested, feel free to hop on over and hop on board! All you have to do is click HERE!! I’ve gotten the chance today to do a lot of prep for it and I am SO excited! We’re going to have so much fun, and would LOVE to have YOU part of it!

God continues to work in and through UBM and it is exciting-and humbling- to get to see it all! So, please continue to pray for us and for God’s will to be shown as to the direction he wants us to go, and that hearts will be open so that it may go that way!






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