Faithful Forgiveness

Faithful Forgiveness

As I was praying this morning I felt directed to this passage:

Out of the depths I cry to you, Lord;
 Lord, hear my voice.
Let your ears be attentive
to my cry for mercy.
 If you, Lord, kept a record of sins,
Lord, who could stand?
 But with you there is forgiveness,
so that we can, with reverence, serve you.
 I wait for the Lord, my whole being waits,
and in his word I put my hope.
I wait for the Lord
more than watchmen wait for the morning,
more than watchmen wait for the morning.
 Israel, put your hope in the Lord,
for with the Lord is unfailing love
and with him is full redemption.
 He himself will redeem Israel
from all their sins.
~Psalm 130~
These are some of the thoughts I had after reading it:
As Christians we know we are forgiven. We know that he washed our sins away, but how often do we think or ponder the extravagance of it? 
At Easter we think highly about it, but in our everyday lives do we really think about how BIG that it really is? 
I think sometimes we forget how GREAT and AWESOME it really is. I mean, Jesus DIED for us! I can’t comprehend the love that that kind of an act must take!  I mean, I’m an angry, messed up human and to think that someone would A) know me two thousand years before my existence and B) look upon me and say “I love Kristen enough to die for her NOW, so that she may know me THEN!
I just can’t comprehend that kind of love! That AMOUNT of love! To say “I don’t care what she’s done-or will do-I will die fr her so that she can come live with my Father and I in eternity!” 
It’s just so Amazing and has me in total AWE of him!!


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