A Dose of Humility


I believe that sometimes God sets up times where things are meant to just absolutely humble us. Sometimes those things are good, sometimes…not so much!

Last night I had one of those good times of getting a dose of humility.

I was looking at some of the stats for the blog, and I thought I’d look at the “Geographical Stats” that tell me where in the world people are reading from.

I only thought that there would be areas only people I knew showing up. But, I was in for quite the surprise!

Below are the areas in the world people are reading from!

blog stats

I was not expecting all of this! As I read, I realized, that there is NO WAY that I could have done something like that on my own! The only way something like that could happen is with a God as big as mine reaching out his hand and working things out together!

I love that I am reminded that God truly does work out all things for my good! And I am so thankful and humbled by this reminder of how big God truly is!!!




4 thoughts on “A Dose of Humility

  1. TheUnmaskedAvenger says:

    I find it fascinating how different cultures see different things in a post where I thought one thing, they might see something else entirely. it reminds me that I’m writing from a pretty limited perspective and to always hold things loosely and remember that others have the right to see thing as they do even if it’s very different from what I see in what I write.


    • Kristen says:

      I’m not sure how this ties into what I wrote? But, it’s true. Sometimes a person says one thing, based off of what they’ve experienced and their beliefs and values, and someone else may see it differently based off of their personal experiences, values and beliefs. 🙂


      • TheUnmaskedAvenger says:

        Humility – the state of not thinking you are better than other people, it can be humbling to realize that your perspective isn’t better than the perspective of others – just different.It’s likely that some people from the other countries believe pretty much the opposite of what you do, but they read what you had to say even though they come from a very different background.


        • Kristen says:

          Oh, for sure! I’m certain some of my readers probably flat out disagree with me, but that’s what’s beautiful about it! Sometimes we need to read different opinions to make us think and grow!
          It definitely is humbling though, to realize that in my own power i could never have reached all those people! It takes a Big God to do big things! Which is kind of what I was trying to say! 🙂 Thanks for reading and interacting! I love knowing what the thoughts of my readers are!!



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