Getting Back to the Basics


Hello Everyone!

Sometimes I think it is necessary to take a step back from all of the extra glitz and glamour of everything. Even in the christian circles, there is pressure to do things this way, read that book, or listen to this artist all because it’s the current, popular thing to do…

Now, maybe you’ll disagree with me, but I think that even that can get a person so full of anxiety, because if you aren’t doing it, then you’re on the “outside” and you feel awkward. I mean, have you ever gone to a church group and had people say ” Oh, my goodness! Did you hear _____’s new song?” or “Hey, did you read (insert book title) yet?” It’s pretty awkward when you say “Um, no, I haven’t” and then proceed to listen to a group of people stand there talking about something you haven’t a clue about. It can get a person  feeling pretty awkward. (Or is that just me?!)

This morning I was reading Hosea chapter 5 about God’s judgement on Israel, and verse 15 really struck me.

 “Then I will go back to my place until they admit their guilt. And they will seek my face; in their misery they will earnestly seek me.”

My thoughts: How often is it that we earnestly seek God solely because of the tough situation we are in? I know I am certainly guilty of doing that. 

 I grew up listening to a song called ‘Now More than Ever’ and the first verse says:

“When I started my journey in fresh childlike trust
I believed that the Lord’s way was best.
I would read in His Word how He mothered the bird
And grieved when it fell from it’s nest.
How I felt His delight when I chose to do right,
And I prayed I would not make Him sad.
We would meet on the way in the cool of the day,
What a pure sweet communion we had.”

When we first become Christians, there’s a hunger and thirst that comes upon us that causes us to just want more and more of Christ because we-as the Bible says-have “tasted and seen that the Lord is good” ( 1 Peter 2:3) but as time goes on, sometimes, we forget or lose focus of that. 

Life tends to throw a lot of stuff our way, and sometimes we get lost in all the “stuff” whether it be throwing church events, the music and sermon (or the delivery of them) and we lose focus on THE ONE it’s ALL ABOUT! Or we lose focus of why we’re there in the first place.

So, from November 2nd-6th, we are going to be hosting a “5 Day Back to the Basics” Bible Study, focusing on key points of Jesus’ life and why we believe and do what we do as Christians!


If you are interested in joining us (Which, by the way, will occur on your very own internet-capable device from the comfort of…well…wherever!!) all you have to do is click HERE!

I look forward too seeing all of you there and diving back into the basics of why and who we are as Christians!




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