Project Reveal Day!


Today’s the day! 

Some of you may have seen the video I did on the Unfading Beauty Ministries Facebook Page (you can check it out HERE if you’d like), but for those of you who don’t know, I’ll tell you!

First off, Remember the book I’ve been so feverishly working on and hinting at? Well, I’m DONE! I am currently in contact with a publishing/literary agent and am working on getting it published! 

I have been dreaming of having a book published since I was in Ninth grade-so for four long years!

Second, in the  new year Unfading Beauty Ministries is going to be switching over to a new website! It’ll have the same link address/URL, but it’ll be a fresh site that is 100% designed and created by yours truly, so that it’ll cater to everything that is being planned and hoped for, for the ministry!

Lastly, also in the new year, I am going to be launching my own homemade, all-natural candles, soaps and possibly face scrubs/lotions! 

If you had asked me three years (or even six-when I started to really explore writing) I wouldn’t have EVER believed that any of this would be coming true! Many people have told me that I’m just a “dreamer” and that I need to “think in reality”, but I want to encourage all of you ladies-if you KNOW that you KNOW that God has set a dream in your heart, follow Christ with abandon, and he will never let the righteous fall! (Psalm 55:22) If he has set something in your heart, then no one can take that from you! Follow him, and he will lead you into whatever it is he has called you to!

I am SO excited (and I hope you are too!)




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