Living an Intentional Life

Last year I was introduced to the phenomenon of having a “Word of the Year”. A Word that you focus/work on doing better that year. 

When I first heard about it last year, I was rather intrigued with it, and decided “I wanna try it too!” So, I did just that.

This year-much like last-as I prayed for “my word” I sat for several days, trying to figure out why it wouldn’t come to me. Was I not praying hard enough? Was I not hearing for some reason? Was I just too unsettled? Why was I not getting my word? WHY?

Then it hit me: I was waiting for some grand revelation to come over me and tell me my word, when, in reality, my word was just a simple word that I kept saying/using towards the end of 2016. A word that I generally don’t use in everyday life.

The word? Intentional.

I remembered that I kept saying “I want to be more intentional about (Fill In The Blank)” 

Thus leading me to this year’s journey about learning to Live an Intentional Life!


Maybe you’re wondering what that means. 

Well, to me it means scheduling my priorities. Organizing my life so that I’m not running around like a chicken with my head cut off-as I have basically done all my life.

You see, I’m a ‘go wherever the winds blow me’ kind of person. I’m the kind of person who will pick up and does something without any kind of plan. If I feel like it, then I’ll do it, If I don’t then “whatever”!

Unfortunately, that kind of life settled into my blogging and ministry life as well. I have never planned a blog post ahead of time. Never set a work schedule. If I felt like writing then I wrote, if not-again-“whatever”. 

The longer I’ve gone on living life-like that, I realized that I have, at times, completely burned myself out. I would write two posts some weeks, and then go for three or for weeks and not write anything at all-definitely not being a good steward of what God has given me-and then beat myself up for not writing.

What does “intentional” actually mean? Well, I googled it (thank goodness for google!) and the definition that popped up is “done on purpose; deliberate”. 

I want my everything I do in my life to be intentional; deliberate-on purpose. I want to love people on purpose. I want to deliberately  go out of my way to help someone. I want to intentionally set time aside to spend with Jesus. 

Not only that, but I want to be intentional about going after the dreams God has given me. The dreams and visions for this ministry, for my career and even be more intentional about taking better care of myself physically.

Scheduling time in to my life to do certain things-and even making sure there’s tie in my life I haven’t scheduled anything to take a breather.

Beyond that, I want to be intentional about trusting (trust was my word last year) God to completely change my plans to do his will.

Like I said, most of the time I don’t plan, but when I do, I get very, very unhappy when those plans change. Basically, it can be like a pendulum, swinging too far one way, or too far the other. 

 This is my journey this year. To be more intentional about every aspect in my life. 

 Therefore, brothers, be all the more diligent to confirm your calling and election, for if you practice these qualities you will never fall. For in this way there will be richly provided for you an entrance into the eternal kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

2 Peter 1:10-11 

I hope this has inspired you all-as I firmly believe that it is the job of every single Christian to live an intentional life-being intentional to fulfill our calling and spread the love of Jesus to everyone we meet!


Love you all!




4 thoughts on “Living an Intentional Life

  1. Emily Susanne says:

    It’s so true that writing and blogging is 150% better when we are intentional about it. Even when just being laid back and having fun, making sure we are present is the key to joy.


  2. Crystal Twaddell says:

    Kristen I love this! I am a very intentional person, and I believe it is a wonderful offering to the Lord! I also blog about intention, and it would be awesome to have you join the link-up on Fridays and share. It’s all about intentional living and building a legacy of hope! Come on over to and share your message:)



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