Rejoice: How To Find Joy in the Midst of Complete Chaos

I am so excited to have a Guest Writer write an Article for Warrior Woman Ministries this week! Take a few minutes to read this amazing article, and then get to know the author, Hannah, at the end and even go check out her blog and follow her on social media!

Without further adieu, I give you:

 Rejoice: How To Find Joy in the Midst of Complete Chaos





     This verse overwhelms my heart and always brings me a fresh dose of hope. There are ten thousand reasons in life not to rejoice; so many distractions and lies lurking around that completely rob us of any kind of joy. That’s just it though- When we look at all of the pain, all of the failures, all of the things happening that don’t make sense- when we recognize the reality that sometimes there are seasons when we can’t visibly see the fruit and process the fact that things may feel and actually be lifeless and empty- that’s when it’s so paradoxically beautiful to rejoice anyway. We have the sublime opportunity to fully process the circumstances and still choose joy. To me, that’s remarkable. It’s difficult and confusing and certainly not popular, but God promises that we will find joy in salvation. He promises to give us strength and carry us to high places. That’s enough to altogether overwhelm my heart; to say: I’m exhausted, broken, completely at a loss for words, God, Yet I will rejoice. I think that is the space in which breathtaking things can begin.



     Life is uncertain, things rarely go as planned, and I often struggle with feeling inadequate. I have all of these roles and tasks to fulfill and to-do-lists that are literally the length of a football field and God wants me to be still and rejoice? It seems so out of reach, I know. But it’s exactly in those moments He whispers to my heart that I am His daughter. Through all of the chaos and outbursts and responsibilities, I am His daughter first. As hard as it is to let it sink in, it is not always all about how much I can do at once, how many roles I’m trying to perform in, but simply how I can rejoice in being His daughter. I must accept the invitation to simply be His today, not hanging onto what tomorrow might bring. I have to accept the challenge to invite God into all things in my day.



Before I am a wife or a sister or a friend or an employee or even before I am a bearer of His light, He tells me that I am His daughter. I am His despite my failures and shortcomings, despite my doubting and selfish motives that won’t relent. He calls me to be satisfied and rejoice with Him on the throne in my heart. As I find joy in His promises, despite my circumstances, He gives me strength and makes my feet like deer as a I reject the lies that my life is worthless. I want to seek His joy and purpose each day with a grateful heart.


My name is Hannah and I am 21 years old. My husband, Simon, and I live in Maine. I love writing, story-telling, reading, decorating, and traveling. I am fueled by Jesus, coffee, and saltwater. My heart is to encourage women to thrive abundantly in daily moments and pursue Jesus, even in the midst of chaos and adversity. Join me in the journey to discover God’s grace!  I’d love to chat more with each of you- reach out on social media and let’s connect. 

2 thoughts on “Rejoice: How To Find Joy in the Midst of Complete Chaos

  1. Cruz says:

    Hello. M y name s Cruz. Right now I have a prayer request as my lovely friend has received news that her son Omar has cancer on his spine at 20 years old. Please help us pray for a miracle. Thanks


    • Kristen says:

      Of course!! Joining you in prayer for a complete healing for your friend’s son and for peace and comfort for you, your friend and all affected by this diagnosis!



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