Robin Liebe: A Woman of Persistence

Robin Liebe A Woman Of Persistence

I have known Robin personally for many years-in fact, I consider her to be one of the leading mentors of my life–especially when I was a young teen. She is a woman full of wisdom, laughter, light and the love of-and for-Jesus and I am SO excited to introduce to you, this amazing woman of God who has impacted my life in such a huge, positive way and I know as you read her words, you will be filled with the joy and light that radiates off of Robin!


Please note, to keep things organized, the questions are in bold and Robin’s answers aren’t. 


  1. Since this new weekly blog segment  is Called “Warrior Woman Wednesday” and is for “Warrior Woman Ministries”, could you tell me, to you, what does it mean to be a Warrior Woman?

Most women wouldn’t want to be called a warrior woman, unless they watch Wonder Woman or hear a story of a woman who has overcome seemingly impossible odds. When we realize that a warrior woman is simply a woman who taps into the power of God in her life, it seems more inviting. All that to say, a warrior woman is someone who allows her inner strength, passion and vision to lead her to do great things as she faces fear and chooses courage, as she ignores criticism and invites wisdom, as she seeks humility and lets is lead her, as determination to overcome gives her strength, even in the face of insurmountable odds against her. 

  1. The goal of this new segment of our ministry is to glorify God and testify about how he has been faithful and brought women through trials. Could you tell the readers a bit of your testimony about your journey to becoming a writer?

I did not seek to be a writer. It was all I could do, in my later 20’s, to raise my kids without losing one of them! The desire to write literally came out of healing I received in my arms from chronic pain I’d suffered with for 7 years, beginning at age 19. My idea for my first book, The Diamond Life, came to me when one evening the diamond in my wedding ring stood out to me and I sensed God speaking to me about the life of a diamond and how similar it is to our own. From that moment I began to study the diamond and the manuscript began to pour out of what God was showing me.

  1. What made you want to become or how did you know you were called to be a writer?

I believe that when we tell God, “I’m yours, you can have it all,” that we will back that up with our lives and the decisions we make, big and small. As a shy person, God knew that putting myself out there as a writer was a huge and challenging decision for me. I’d rather be hiding in the back row of the church than up front speaking. But God was challenging my shyness and asking me to be courteous and obedient, giving my life to him in ways I’d never done before. I had to face my fears and obey, or I was just a hypocrite pretending to love and follow God. 

  1. Did you ever doubt your calling to be an author? What gave you courage to keep you holding onto God’s hand and promised calling during this time in your life?

I have doubted this calling many times over, simply because of the perceptions out there that an author writing about spiritual things should have a Biblical degree. I have a one year Bible certificate. Rather than stay at Bible college, I was engaged to my current husband who was a graduating senior, so obviously, staying at school was an impossibility as he was moving to be on staff at a church in Wisconsin. 

I gained courage a couple of ways:

  1. When people would tell me how God touched and changed their lives through the words I wrote, I knew I had to continue to obey God, no matter what.
  2. My life is not my own, and in order to live that, I must obey God. I don’t obey out of duty, but out of love. I love and trust him enough that when he calls us into something, he will equip us to do it, but it will require us to do some internal changing in order to make room for more of him.
  1. Aside from writing, what other ministries has God placed you in?

I have a ministry of “broker,” it seems. In ministry with my husband, who oversees youth and children’s pastor’s in our state-wide network of churches for the Assemblies of God in Montana, I love to connect and network pastors and people, but also I love to minister to the and their families. Resourcing them is a huge part of our ministry, but loving them is the heart of it. 

  1. How has God incorporated your calling to be a writer into these other ministries?

For the past 9 years, I’ve written a monthly letter to the spouses of those pastors, or those who are a female pastor overseeing the youth or children’s ministry are their local church. It has never been a stress or duty. Every month I ask God to show me what he wants to say to these ministry ladies and every time he ministers to me as I pour out the words to them in a letter. It has been a highlight of my ministry to them. 

  1. Is there any final thoughts that you would like to share with our readers?

Being a warrior woman is close to my heart. I’ve written a blog with some thoughts on the subject which can be found at: 

I feel that being a woman of courage and strength requires compassion. If we don’t love others more than ourselves, then all our fierceness can easily be re-directed in the wrong direction or purpose. Compassion turns us outward, which is what is required if we are going to stand up for the less-fortunate, it’s required if we are going to make a difference in someone’s life, and it is most definitely a necessity when we need to be courageous and step out of our comfort zone in any circumstance. 

Final Thoughts

For those of you who would like to check out the books Robin has written, you can click HERE! You can also read more from her blog by clicking HERE!


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