A Woman Named “Warrior”: Marty Meyer



I woke up with the thought “I need to find out what the name “Marty” means.

Well, when I looked it up on Google, I was presented with this:

“In Latin the meaning of the name Marty is warlike.”


After hearing Marty’s testimony, I knew that this name is truly who she is.

A woman who fights for her family. A woman who fights for the truth. And, a woman who fights to make the message of Jesus known! 


  • Since this new weekly blog segment is for “Warrior Woman Ministries”, could you tell me, to you, what does it mean to be a Warrior Woman?

Warrior Woman is two-fold: She is a warrior cause not only is she skilled in battle but she takes care of herself so that she can emotionally, physically and spiritually go out and tackle those things that she is called to tackle so that the Kingdom of God can advance.

Sometimes we never get off the battlefield and that certainly isn’t God’s design. Everybody needs to come off the battlefield and get their water. Replenish, refill-but always be ready. 

It’s not as complicated as we like to make it out to be. It’s all about advancing the kingdom and we want to do that with everything that we can.

She knows how to be a Martha AND a Mary.



  • The goal of this new segment of our ministry is to glorify God and testify about how he has been faithful and brought women through trials. Could you tell the readers a bit of your testimony about your journey?

To start off, I was married to a gentleman for nearly 25 years who I met in Bible school-a worship leader-whom  I had two children with. But he had several addictions that he just could never get the victory over. Now, I believe part of that is it’s really difficult to admit when you’re struggling and people are so quick to cast shame on people, our pride keeps us from confessing but, these addictions controlled his life.

There’s a scripture that talks about where there’s jealousy, where there’s bitterness there’s every other evil thing. (James 3:16) and there was literally every other evil thing. I was under a lot of control-anywhere from emotional to financial and even spiritual. There were other women in his life and the addictions weren’t just addictions that brought him personal pleasure, but they went as far as stealing. I remember one time when my daughter and I were getting ready to go to church and there was a warrant out for my ex-husband’s arrest and this vehicle pulled into our driveway and these men started getting out with their weapons and they circled our home and one of the guys knocked on our front door; they weren’t in their uniforms so I wasn’t sure what was happening. It was one of the police officers from our town and when he told me some of the stuff they thought my ex-husband was involved in, it took my breath away.

I think sometimes it was so difficult because I really knew that all things were possible with God and we met in Bible College and there were a lot of dreams that he had and I had. And, even with the addictions I believed that it would be part of our story and how our marriage came through that and how he was able to work through those things and how I was able to work through the effects of those things as a wife and as a woman and as a mother. When that never happened when my marriage was definitely going to end, I was so devastated and I never felt such grief and betrayal and wounds. I didn’t realize until I went through a lot of extensive healing and counselling that I had been in a very unhealthy relationship  where the mood swings that I lived under were so intense. Anytime you’re not healthy mentally, emotionally, spiritually, it is contagious when you’re in that environment, so all I knew to do was just survive. I was a stay-at-home mom, so I didn’t work and had my two babies that I raised. I had made a decision when I was pregnant with my daughter that I would stick it out. My son was about three at the time when I was pregnant with his sister, and I had gone through a series of difficult circumstances. I went to visit family in the Netherlands and my husband at the time took my three-year-old son and moved to the United States. So, I was devastated.

I was pregnant and I was physically not well, emotionally shattered. During that season I received really great counselling and wanted to give it everything that I had. So, fast forward to my son and daughter are both older and my marriage looks like it’s going to die, I knew that I had given it everything.

A lot of people have a lot of things to say about divorce, I’m just going to tell you, if you take a piece of celery and you twist it and twist it and twist it and pull it, and you see all those little fibres that are bent and ripped, that is a good visual of what it felt like in my heart. Not like something that had just been broken, but it had been twisted and pulled and it was mangled and I didn’t know what tomorrow was going to look like. I didn’t have a career at the time and couldn’t legally stay in Canada, I couldn’t legally stay in the United States due to some financial legalities as a result of what my husband had been into. So for, two and a half to three years we traveled back and forth from Canada and the U.S. We had been in various people’s homes-mostly basements. I had a suitcase that I always had with me. A truck-which I still have to this day-and in the back of that truck a shower rod with clothes. Sometimes when I was in Kalispell (Montana) I would be driving around wondering where I would spend the night. So, even though I didn’t look the part of a homeless, battered, abused woman, I definitely was that.

What that does, when you’re a believer and you’ve been raised in the church and you know that you’ve gotta keep fighting and keep going, you ask yourself a lot of questions. And, you lose some friends.

My message is definitely for women who have to go through the court system who are trying to find their sanity. Who, whether they know the Lord or don’t know the Lord, how to navigate through that and what it takes to come back to that place of healing and wholeness and what to do with those broken pieces because they affect not only you, you’ve got children who watch.

For me, what was key at this time in my life was that I just threw myself into the Word, into prayer. I did what I could. But that is definitely a decision that saved me in so many ways. I experienced that every dark basement that I stayed in could become a cathedral, a place of incredible, powerful connection with God and feeling his presence. The Holy Spirit would fill those rooms.



  • It’s said that a person’s greatest ministry will come from their greatest pain. What is the calling God has placed on your life and how does your testimony relate to that calling?

A lot of times we look at our gifts and try to pigeonhole ourselves in that role and yet, our calling is so much more than just that.

The message of Christ in the middle of your brokenness; the tools that have been given that are now part of my armor-which have come at a great price-but definitely, something that I am so passionate about is seeing other women get back  up on their feet. Watching the light come back to their eyes, seeing the hope come alive, recognizing their purpose and their value-there is absolutely nothing greater than that.



  • What gave you courage to keep you holding onto God’s hand and your promised calling during the hard times in your life?

I think one of the greatest questions that we ask ourselves when times are tough is that if someone were to say “Do you believe that with God, all things are possible?” is that we would say “yes”. Do you believe that you can experience that for you-we tend to hesitate.

I think that we as sisters in Christ need to get down in the ditch with each other and help dig one another out.

Yes, my relationship with Christ, but he also gave me some key people who ran that messy race through the quicksand with me.

So, that is super important to have that kind of support. 



  • Is there any final thoughts that you would like to share with our readers?

No matter where you’re at, no matter what you’ve already come through, God knows everything about you. Nothing catches him off-guard, you don’t stress him out-he doesn’t need to take anti-anxiety meds because of who you are. He absolutely loves you unconditionally and knows exactly what we need when we call on him. He hears us. He answers us. He is dependable and he wants to-absolutely wants to-and longs for us to know him. That is something that even in my darkest days, when I said “I have got to sense your presence, God”. He will make himself known because he wants that for us.

The world is rough, the world is tough. People make bad decisions; we are gonna have tears, we’re gonna have pain. He is the solid rock-absolutely, no doubt about that!


Final Thoughts

My prayer is that those of you who may have gone through-or are going through- similar circumstances. that reading this interview brought joy, hope and healing and see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel

And even those of you who have never been through something similar, that you have seen that God is always for you in every circumstance and every situation and that he loves you beyond measure!


One thought on “A Woman Named “Warrior”: Marty Meyer

  1. Wendy says:

    Marty..thank you for painting such a beautiful canvas of your life….So beautiful broken, so wonderfully held, so extravagantly Loved. SGH/wWW



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