Humble Beginnings

Humble Beginnings

This week, for Warrior Witness Wednesday I wanted to do something different. 

I am not going to feature one, but three different people. All with different stories, yet all whose stories tell the same testimony.

These people came from humble beginnings. 

These three people were all young when their lives changed, and there was no looking back.

The first boy was the second youngest of his father’s children and the obvious favorite.

The second boy was nothing but caretaker of his father’s sheep, yet out of all the men in the country’s army, he was the only one brave enough to face the enemy head on.

And the young girl? She was an ordinary girl. Anyone would say there was nothing special about her, yet, a man of great standing fell in love with her.

You may know who I am talking about by now…

Joseph, King David and Queen Esther.

Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers, he rose up through the ranks because of integrity yet was thrown in jail when his boss’s wife falsely accused him of rape. Yet, God was faithful and used this supposed horror to raise Joseph up and eventually bring him to being the person who-with the exception of pharaoh himself-had the most authority in all of Egypt. And, through all of this, God saved Joseph’s entire family from the massive famine that overtook the country.


David was just a shepherd boy sent to take lunch to his brothers who were in battle. Yet, when he arrived to the battlefield, he couldn’t figure out why. When he went to King Saul, he told him if no one else would fight the Philistines, then he would. And, with just his sling and a stone, he killed Goliath, sending all the Philistine soldiers running in fear. This young boy eventually rose to become King-yet his path to becoming king was less than smooth. When King Saul knew that David was going to take his place as King, he actually set out to kill David and David ended up hiding in caves. Yet, God protected David and David eventually became King over Israel. 

And even after David committed adultery with Bathsheba and had her husband killed to cover up his “indiscretion” of getting her pregnant, he repented and is still known as “A Man after God’s own Heart”.


And Finally, Esther-whose birth name was Hadassah-just a Jewish orphan girl in a city not her own. Taken from her home and the only family she had-her cousin Mordecai, whom raised her, and made to take part in a “beauty pageant” against her wishes all because the King wanted a new Queen.

Yet, when the King saw her, he immediately chose her and this young girl of no standing became queen, and God used this to save the Jewish people.


You see, just because one comes from”humble beginnings” doesn’t mean that God can’t use you. In fact, if you look at many of the people we revere as “Great men/women of the Faith” all came from humble beginnings and tragedy.

Billy Graham, who brought millions of people to Christ, was “just” a farm boy.

Fanny Crosby who was a blind woman but went on to write over 8000 hymns-many of which we still sing in Churches today!


Sometimes you might feel like coming from nothing means you’ll “never go anywhere” or that “you’re too small to do anything of consequence” but I want to challenge that-and I bet all of these people mentioned would too!

Where you’ve been doesn’t dictate where you’re going if you let Christ take the lead.

Where you've been


Remember that…


One thought on “Humble Beginnings

  1. racheljerry says:

    Yes! Thank you! Sometimes as a small town gal it can feel like there’s way too much world out there to really make any sort of impact for God. But He used so many people from humble beginnings. Great reminder..



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