Time to Tell The Truth

In recent weeks, a very well known pastor of a very large church in the States has been criticized for his answer-or rather, lack of an answer-about abortion while on an incredibly Liberal television talk-show. As I read about what was said, my heart became so burdened for those whom he had the chance to minister … Continue reading Time to Tell The Truth

What does Real Love Look Like?

"We just have to show them love. That's all we're supposed to do...love one another."  That's all I seem to see or hear anymore. The "Love Gospel" seems to be a very popular topic to be praught in churches as of late.  And, I mean, why not? After all, our countries are so broken up … Continue reading What does Real Love Look Like?

Doing Valentines Single

"February 14th. Some call it Valentines Day, others call it Singles Awareness day. A day you either hate, or love. It's a day where the couples celebrate their love and singles cry over their lack thereof..." That's how I started my Valentines Day post last year. With a lot of anger and resentment and bitterness … Continue reading Doing Valentines Single

Glancing Back at the Past; Looking Forward on the Future

Have you ever just stopped and taken a moment to look back at where you were at this point __(Fill-In-The-Blank)_  years ago? Well, that's me. Right now. At this very moment. Not only am I glancing at the past, I am also looking at my future, pondering oh-so-many questions... Two years ago, I sat thinking … Continue reading Glancing Back at the Past; Looking Forward on the Future

A Moment of Honesty

In recent months being a Single Christian gal hasn't been the easiest for me. I've watched all my friends slowly become paired off-boyfriends, engagements, weddings, and babies all coming along-and last night I cried about it, and then wrote a short article of Instagram. This morning I felt led to expand on what I wrote … Continue reading A Moment of Honesty