Finding Strength and Marching On

Over the past couple of weeks, I've been feeling led to share a little bit of my testimony with you ladies.  If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you'll have seen one of my recent posts about being authentic and real and I wanted to share with you the story of how that came about. When I … Continue reading Finding Strength and Marching On

Humble Beginnings

This week, for Warrior Witness Wednesday I wanted to do something different.  I am not going to feature one, but three different people. All with different stories, yet all whose stories tell the same testimony. These people came from humble beginnings.  These three people were all young when their lives changed, and there was no … Continue reading Humble Beginnings

A Woman Named “Warrior”: Marty Meyer

  I woke up with the thought "I need to find out what the name "Marty" means. Well, when I looked it up on Google, I was presented with this: "In Latin the meaning of the name Marty is warlike." ...Warrior.  After hearing Marty's testimony, I knew that this name is truly who she is. A woman who fights for her … Continue reading A Woman Named “Warrior”: Marty Meyer

Robin Liebe: A Woman of Persistence

I have known Robin personally for many years-in fact, I consider her to be one of the leading mentors of my life--especially when I was a young teen. She is a woman full of wisdom, laughter, light and the love of-and for-Jesus and I am SO excited to introduce to you, this amazing woman of … Continue reading Robin Liebe: A Woman of Persistence

Warrior Woman Wednesday Launch Feat. Annie Lobert

Y'all! I am SO excited to share with you the inaugural Warrior Witness Wednesday post, interviewing Annie Lobert, founder of the Ministry Hookers For Jesus and the non-profit Destiny House!  I won't tell you too much, cause Just below is an interview where you'll find out all about Annie, her ministries and SO MUCH MORE! It is my … Continue reading Warrior Woman Wednesday Launch Feat. Annie Lobert