How Jesus Broke The Cultural Norm Regarding Women

Before we get started, I want to be clear that this article isn't meant to advance the feminist movement, because, quite frankly, I highly disagree with pretty much everything that modern feminists stand for. Okay... Now that we've established that... All throughout history, women have been fighting for their "place at the table". They want … Continue reading How Jesus Broke The Cultural Norm Regarding Women

The Warrior Woman

What is a warrior?  By definition, a warrior, is "a person engaged or experienced in some kind of warfare" or "a person engaged in some kind of struggle or conflict." What image does the term "warrior woman" conjure up in your mind? Probably a fierce woman in the midst of battle. Worn, dirty-maybe even bloody-from … Continue reading The Warrior Woman

What does Real Love Look Like?

"We just have to show them love. That's all we're supposed to one another."  That's all I seem to see or hear anymore. The "Love Gospel" seems to be a very popular topic to be praught in churches as of late.  And, I mean, why not? After all, our countries are so broken up … Continue reading What does Real Love Look Like?