Winning the Battle of Insecurity

Have you ever felt called to something but then, all of a sudden, you start having doubts and second-thoughts about it? Thoughts come flooding into your mind like, "Who are you to do this?", You're not as nearly as photogenic as them.", You aren't as good at articulating things like her.", There's probably already someone writing/speaking/ministering … Continue reading Winning the Battle of Insecurity

When Conviction Comes Calling

There he was, standing in front of me. Old and worn-looking. Cold and digging through the garbage. And there I was, walking into Wal-Mart to get myself a coffee for the drive home. As I passed him, conviction struck me, telling me to get him something to eat, when I stopped to get my coffee.  … Continue reading When Conviction Comes Calling

Why We Pray

Over the last while, I have been trying to figure out some things. More specifically, where I'm supposed to go in life. I was actually supposed to go to college this year however because of my severe allergies I wasn't able to go.  Long story short, not going made me start questioning my whole life; … Continue reading Why We Pray

When the Devil Tries To Take You Down

Recently, I've been on the cusp of making some big decisions about Unfading Beauty Ministries. Everything ranging from projects to events and writing and everything in between. Making decisions has never been my strong suit. What I mean by that is, I am an incredibly indecisive individual. So, when I make up my mind to … Continue reading When the Devil Tries To Take You Down

What’s Driving You?

There are many days that I don't actually just sit down and work all day on projects and whatnot for Unfading Beauty Ministries. To be quite honest, I generally only spend a few hours in the evening working on stuff-although there's the odd day that I am working for the better part of the day … Continue reading What’s Driving You?