Humble Beginnings

This week, for Warrior Witness Wednesday I wanted to do something different.  I am not going to feature one, but three different people. All with different stories, yet all whose stories tell the same testimony. These people came from humble beginnings.  These three people were all young when their lives changed, and there was no … Continue reading Humble Beginnings

What Do You Do When God Changes The Desires of Your Heart?

Lately, I've been noticing a lot of changes in me. More specifically, changes in my heart's desires.  Recently, I had a very part-time, very temporary job as a cook/dishwasher at local diner. On my second last day, I had a thought that came out of nowhere, "I think I'm ready to be okay with the idea … Continue reading What Do You Do When God Changes The Desires of Your Heart?

Living an Intentional Life

Last year I was introduced to the phenomenon of having a "Word of the Year". A Word that you focus/work on doing better that year.  When I first heard about it last year, I was rather intrigued with it, and decided "I wanna try it too!" So, I did just that. This year-much like last-as … Continue reading Living an Intentional Life

What’s Driving You?

There are many days that I don't actually just sit down and work all day on projects and whatnot for Unfading Beauty Ministries. To be quite honest, I generally only spend a few hours in the evening working on stuff-although there's the odd day that I am working for the better part of the day … Continue reading What’s Driving You?

Moving on from Feelings of Defeat

Last night, I was working on some stuff for the book I recently wrote, and as I got finished, I felt this sudden wave of complete defeat wash over me. For no reason at all, it was like it everything was over before it even began. Not only did it bring a wave of unexpected … Continue reading Moving on from Feelings of Defeat