Four. That's how many years Unfading Beauty Ministries has been operating! FOUR! Yep, today is Unfading Beauty Ministries' birthday, and I am so excited about it!  Last year, on our third birthday, I gave you the back story of Unfading Beauty Ministries. This year, I'm going to reflect on this past year-more specifically, the last … Continue reading Four!

God’s Faithfulness. Presenting: A New Light on Modesty

I am so continually in awe of God's goodness and faithfulness! To be honest, I never ever thought that the dreams I had for Unfading Beauty Ministries would ever actually come true, but here I am planning a HUGE project that is literally changing the way I think and look at things. Not only in … Continue reading God’s Faithfulness. Presenting: A New Light on Modesty

Unfading Beauty Ministries: Our Foundations

Hello Everyone! Yes, I'm finally back from the land of vacation! I got to go to Montana, Idaho and Washington and then spend a bit of  somewhat-quiet time at home!  Lately trying to find things to write about has say the least. I've been struggling as to what to say and what direction to … Continue reading Unfading Beauty Ministries: Our Foundations

New Season

"For everything there is a season..." ~Ecclesiastes 3:1 I love when the seasons change! The subtle changes that occur over time that lead into one, big, extraordinary finale! Such as when all the leaves have all changed and there are beautiful arrays of colors everywhere!  Or, when finally the spring is come and all the … Continue reading New Season

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