Book Launch Date!

Guess What? I have a date for my Book Launch!! Crazy Right? I am so excited about it! Here's the deets: It is going to be in ePub and PDF Format. It will have a separate page on the blog, why? Because it's special-and deserves to be treated as such...Plus it'll be super duper easy … Continue reading Book Launch Date!

Unfading Beauty Ministries Top 5 Articles of 2016!

Hey there! I hope you all had an absolutely wonderful Christmas! With New Years swiftly approaching, I thought that I'd share with you all the Top 5 Articles of the year! That way, if you want to re-read-or read the ones you missed-then they're all here in one easy, quick place for you to find! … Continue reading Unfading Beauty Ministries Top 5 Articles of 2016!

Birthday Guest Blogging

Hey Everyone! So, today, for my Birthday, I got the wonderful opportunity to guest write for the Blog Pen Paper Paint for Ailie Baumann, and I thought I'd just drop and give you the link to it. So, if you're interested in reading it. just click HERE!  If you do stop on over, I highly encourage you to take a … Continue reading Birthday Guest Blogging