Four. That's how many years Unfading Beauty Ministries has been operating! FOUR! Yep, today is Unfading Beauty Ministries' birthday, and I am so excited about it!  Last year, on our third birthday, I gave you the back story of Unfading Beauty Ministries. This year, I'm going to reflect on this past year-more specifically, the last … Continue reading Four!

Mini-Series Project Reveal

Hey there! Well, after much work, prayer and-yes, I'll admit it-some stress, I am finally able to let you all in on the big year-long project that I am going to be doing! Interested in finding out what it's all about? Then, I recommend you watch the video below! I am so excited you guys!!! … Continue reading Mini-Series Project Reveal

New Year, New Plans, Bigger Projects!

Well, we made it! 2017! Some days, it felt like 2016 would never be over-but it is! And, with the new year, some absolutely epic plans for 2017! Now, I won't give anything away, but, I will tell you that our big project is not just one little article-it's going to be several parts spread out throughout … Continue reading New Year, New Plans, Bigger Projects!

Unfading Beauty Ministries Top 5 Articles of 2016!

Hey there! I hope you all had an absolutely wonderful Christmas! With New Years swiftly approaching, I thought that I'd share with you all the Top 5 Articles of the year! That way, if you want to re-read-or read the ones you missed-then they're all here in one easy, quick place for you to find! … Continue reading Unfading Beauty Ministries Top 5 Articles of 2016!

Unfading Beauty Ministries: Our Foundations

Hello Everyone! Yes, I'm finally back from the land of vacation! I got to go to Montana, Idaho and Washington and then spend a bit of  somewhat-quiet time at home!  Lately trying to find things to write about has say the least. I've been struggling as to what to say and what direction to … Continue reading Unfading Beauty Ministries: Our Foundations