Write For Us

write for us 2

So, you’re interested in writing for us!

That’s great!

Here are a few guidelines for writing for Warrior Woman Ministries:

  1. It Must Be Bible-Based-after all, this is a Christian Ministry!
  2. It must somehow tie into the niche of being a Warrior Woman
  3. There must be at least 1 Bible Verse/Passage with the Bible reference and Version you are using (We Typically use the New Living Translation (NLT))

As long as these three things are a part of your article, you should be good!


To submit an article or to ask any questions you might have, you can e-mail us at: unfadingbeauty77@gmail.com

Please Make Sure to write “Article Submission” in the email’s Subject Line, Provide links to your blog’s social media pages, a photo of yourself and a short bio about yourself (5-7 lines). 


Please Note: I reserve the right to accept or reject articles based off my conscience and God’s leading. That being said, before completely rejecting an article, I may ask or suggest some edits to try to make it a viable article that fits Warrior Women Ministries’ ethics, mission and standard.